Burgon and Ball Enamelwares


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Are you looking for gorgeous, stylish but very practical storage solutions and gift ideas? Well, this is the collection for you! Butgon and Ball Enamelwares collection is chock full of indispensable items for the gardener. These clever storage ideas combine contemporary design with the classic appeal of a tough, hardwearing finish.

The gorgeous garden caddy is perfect for keeping a few gardening essentials in, handy by the back door and ready for action! Gloves, secateurs, twine, labels, pencil… store them tidily in this versatile metal caddy, then just grab and go, for a spot of impromptu gardening, whenever time allows.

The beautifully-designed storage tin is perfect for collecting, storing and organising your seed packets.

The bold and beautiful outdoor thermometer combines statement style with accurate temperature readings. A helping hand to keep your garden blooming, it lets you know when temperatures are rising… or when frost threatens.

The beautiful frost-proof outdoor clock will help you keep an eye on the passing hours.
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