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14 Sentimental Messages:

1. We've been Mother and Daughter right from the start and the friendship we share is a gift from the heart

2. I feel so lucky and thank the stars above... as when it comes to Mums, I've got the best to love.

3. So... there's this boy who stole my heart and changed my name to MUMMY...

4.  So... there's this girl who stole my heart and changed my name to MUMMY...

5. A special Aunty... shares love like a Mother, hugs like a sister and is trusted like a friend

6. Sisters share a special bond that lasts a lifetime...

7.  All Grandmother's are made of gold but mine glitters!

8. Good friends are like angels, you don't have to see them to know they are there

9. Best friend... I honestly don't know what I would do without you

10. Don't look back... as you're not going that way...

11. Always remember, never let anyone dull your sparkle...

12.  Fill your life with Joy... Harmony... Peace... Dreams... Love and Laughter

13. Even though you're far away... you're in my thoughts every day...

14. DANCE... as though no one is watching you... SING... as though no one is listening

15.  A Sister ... is worth a thousand friends

Approx 6.5cms diameter and 22cms circumference

Silver plated metal alloy

Includes care card and Lovethelinks organza bag.

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